Awkward me…

Awkward things about me.

I have performed CPR on over 25 people.

The worst day of my life was also the best day of my life.

It took me 24 years to graduate from college.

I have played Black Jack with Tori Spelling in Las Vegas.

Each day I wake up and CHOOSE to be happy.

I have worked for a plastic surgeon, allergist, internist, oncologist and endodontist.

I honestly believe that because life is short, there is no reason to go through it un-noticed.

I worry about very few things because I have learned, it never changes the outcome.

I have lived in Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, Michigan and Florida.

My life was once saved by a naked man.

Link to my book, in case you’re interested…if not, that’s good too.

The Letter Keeper


Author Bio-

Joanne Spencer’s work has appeared in Sick Lit Magazine, Mother’s Always Write, Wildflower Muse, Dying Dahlia Review, Ink In Thirds, The Tribe and soon to be in Into the Void and Poetry Leaves. She currently works as a contributing journalist for The Florida Newsline, a reviewer for The Review Review and has published one novel, The Letter Keeper. When she’s not doing all the above for free (remember, she’s a writer) she works at the public library in her community.


6 thoughts on “Awkward me…

  1. Interesting to hear about your poetic beginning, poetry road. I think that poems and prayers can have a great deal in common. Glad to be introduced to your work through the Thursday Poet’s Rally.


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