Words Never Spoken Cry


Anxiety pleads to a painted sky

Emotions run from screams

Shadows dance upon the graves

Of ancestors left behind


Regret fills my soul

Words never spoken cry of

Pages of a book not turned

Lessons too late learned


The stone grows cold

Against my back

Darkened like the sky

Of courage lacking


Selfish whims and vanity

Shadows asking questions

Forgiveness seals the broken soul

Despite the death that stretches


Wrapping itself around close

Bringing the morning light

Tears dry as I sit alone

Reminded of a place called Home


9 thoughts on “Words Never Spoken Cry

  1. Just perfect for the time of year, and the day!! It is said, the “veils” are very thin between the spirit world and us. Could be the reason I had the first dream about my dad in nearly 5 years!! Thank you for sharing your creative talent! I always enjoy reading. 😀 May you have more treats today than tricks!!


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