Finished my first novel!

Well, it only took about two years and about 50 or so edits but I finally finished my novel in November.

I apologize for being away so long but it was worth it.  I did miss all of you very much though. I have the final edits being reviewed now and then hopefully it will be picked up by
a publisher.  Fingers Crossed!

I hope 2013 brings everyone good writing and creativity!

Many blessings to all of you and I hope to see everyone again soon!



6 thoughts on “Finished my first novel!

  1. That is the best feeling. I love it when I can declare a novel finished after months and months of work. This year I’m querying the novel I finished last summer. Hopefully I can get it published as well, it’s my favorite project…I’m so protective I don’t even like giving out character names. And I’ve been told it has potential, so hopefully that’s not just an author’s love for the novel getting to her head! Good luck and keep us updated! 😀


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