Happy 71st Birthday Bob Dylan


                        You always were Freewheelin’

                        Something we all knew

                        Even when Times were Changin’

                        We saw Another Side of you

                        You brought it All Back Home

                        When you Revisited 61

                        A Blonde wearing a pill box hat

                        Your Greatest Hits, you were the one

                        Just ask John Wesley Harding

                        When observing a Nashville Skyline

                        Have him paint your Portrait

                        With Alberta and some wine

                        It’s a brand New Morning

                        With the release of Volume 2

                        Pat Garrett & Billy the Kidd

                        Then Dylan, as if on cue

                        The Planet Waves and shouts

                        Warning us Before the Flood

                        But the tracks remain silent

                        And all we see is Blood

                        We head down to the Basement

                        Where the face of Desire is plain

                        Holding ourselves tightly

                        In anticipation for Hard Rain

                        Up on the Street Legal

                        There is no time to think

                        In Budokan the Slow Train Coming

                        Precious Angel do not blink

                        Do you believe that he was Saved

                        Given a Shot of Love?

                        The Infidels may question this

                        So look to the man above

                        It’s time to become Real Live

                        All Tangled Up in Blue

                        Don’t forget to see Empire Burlesque

                        Where he will Remember You

                        Biograph and all three discs

                        Deserve a stanza all their own

                        Johanna, Ramona…come on

                        Mind blown

                        Then he came upon us

                        With Knocked out Loaded

                        Then Dylan And The Dead

                        And the audience just exploded!

                        Effortlessly he moves

                        And heads Down In The Groove

                        Where the crowd yelled Oh Mercy

                        This man has nothing to prove

                        With the black and ivory beneath his fingers

                        He sings from Under the Red Sky

                        Then on to release the Bootleg series

                        It Takes a Train to Cry

                        Good As I Been To You

                        Sung upon a stage

                        Followed by his 30th Anniversary

                        By greats who never age

                        Just when you think he can do no better

                        And the World has Gone Wrong

                        Along comes Volume Three

                        Which has my favorite song

                        MTV Unplugged

                        Dylan sure is one of a kind

                        This he proves to be true

                         With Time Out of Mind

                        Love and Theft surprised us   

                        Live in ’66, ’75 and ‘64

                        And in between all that he tosses in

                        The Essential Bob Dylan and more

                        No Direction Home

                        Woodie Guthrie would have been proud

                        The Best of Bob Dylan

                        Slide it in and play it loud

                        Modern Times is the third one

                        Ballads and Rockabilly

                        On to DYLAN with 3 CD’s

                        With Maggie and Blind Willie

                        The Telltale Signs are there

                        As we move Together Through Life

                        This Dream of you, Jolene

                        And a story about his wife

                        The end is near or so I thought

                        Then Christmas In The Heart

                        Sure showed me all his talents

                        Cause then I found out about his art!

                        This man continues to amaze me

                        As his old songs are re-done

                        Even as he approaches seventy

                        This guy shows us why he’s number one

                        So Happy Birthday Bob!

                        Thanks for all the songs you’ve sung

                        Something inside me  says

                        You are far from being done

                                                                                              -Joanne Spencer



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