Henry and Anne


Anne, my darling Anne I simply

cannot wait a moment longer.

I must have you. I desire you

more than the lawns desire rain.

My dear Henry, what of your wife,

Catherine? I simply will not let my

love for you cloud my head with the

fact that you Henry are married;

married to the Queen.

Just one touch Anne, one sweet

and simple touch of you.  Your

shift; let me slip beneath it if only

for a moment for I will truly die

without you.

Henry, your wife, the Queen, I am

her lady-in-waiting, it would not

be proper for me to…Oh Henry

that feels so…

Ahh…my delicious Anne, so you

desire me too. Let me fully possess

you and your wish is my command.

I command you then to be rid of her,

the Queen.  It is for certain that the

King of England can make this so.

Your soft skin, so youthful…so…

Perhaps Cardinal Wolsey can undo

what has been done, after all she

produced no heir.

Yes, yes my sweet Anne you are right.

I shall speak to him at once, then you

and I will be together.  I will crown you


Indeed, Henry, indeed…


Thank you again for giving me this honor.  I look forward to a great

year of creativity in 2012.


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16 thoughts on “Henry and Anne

    • Yes I have read loads on the subject. History was my major with art history as my minor. That time period and ancient Egypt probably my two favorite.
      He was a wicked man, and I believe that Anne too was a bit devilish and don’t feel too sorry for her. It is speculated that her parents, really her uncle, forced her into the arrangement to bolster the attention of the king but I don’t think she put up too much of a fuss about it!


  1. Nicely done poetic take on this story with rhythm and rhyme. An interesting period of history indeed. Makes me curious to see the movie that was made a few years ago.

    Also, thanks for reading and commenting so nicely again on my blog. I appreciate it.


    • Thanks for stopping by Elaine! Looking forward to your work in 2012. Thanks for the visit!
      BTW-if your speaking of the Other Boleyn Girl, recommend movie but the book by Phillipia Gregory MUCH better!


  2. Neat and fun way to use, shaping this poetry… The back and fro ‘conversation’ or ‘thoughts’ are the best part in this piece of writing..

    Hi there, found you from the Poet Rally site..

    Oh yes, Happy New Year 2012.. Am glad to drop by your site.. Hope to see you around.. 🙂 Cheers!


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