Sweet Child

Who is this upon my stair

A girl with locks of golden hair

Why does she weep such pitiful tears

Seeming full of many fears

Get up dear child, do not dismay

for life will hand you a new day

one of promise,  hope and cheer

get up, get up you silly dear

Now that’s the spirit, move on, be brave

Turn about and move and wave

Goodbye young heart with heart so sweet

until a day we once again meet

Now upon my porch lay no one sad

Perhaps I was hasty, yes just a tad

To send the child off down the street

for a gentle girl, who was so sweet

Alone I sit on the third step

by myself where the small child once wept

Down to where I sent her I glance

Maybe she is there, maybe there’s a chance

Indeed I see her, slowly moving

to a destination not of her choosing

I yell to her to return to me

Her face turns and is filled with glee

Come little one and tell me your name

I will get you back  from which you came

Silly of me to let you go

When surely your life is full of woe

Tell me your problems and together we shall see

What help an old lady like me can be

Now up to the very top stair

Go young child with the golden locks of hair.






Poets Rally Week 54


20 thoughts on “Sweet Child

  1. First of all loved the blog look..Secondly when I started reading , I never knew it’s ended ,I was so much engrossed as though I was a part of it..Thanks for share..keep writing keep sharing friend..


  2. Wow! Beautifully expressed emotions, and crafted imagery. You’ve got that little girl living in my heart, making me want to be the one to help, but also thinking how lucky that little girl is to have had the speaker of the poem be there for her.


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