My mind is tired

I cannot think

Waiting and wondering

if I dare to drink

Another glass

not one but two

pausing before

why do I feel blue?

The struggle to feel

the way I used to

Strong and confident

Then I realize its you

Your the one who

makes me feel this way

alone and helpless

sad everyday

I have to see

through the darkness

and find my way back

from feeling less

Only I am to blame

for letting it go this far

only I can be the one

who sees who you are

Not a person or a thing

but a vice I can’t control

an empty thing

that makes me forget my soul

Chin up

Head high

Be Brave

Don’t sigh

You are strong

Your are Smart

Your words

Your art

Move past this

Put down that glass

Feel free and smile

This too shall pass

One day at a time

Moving on

Time will continue

The past be gone

Hold on to yourself

Don’t be blue

Tired no more

He is with you!


Thank you so much for the award!!!

I nominate mm or:   http://mairmusic.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/week-150-the-waves-crash-and-i-close-my-eyes/




19 thoughts on “Tired

  1. It is a hard lesson – but we can never sum our self worth based on another’s opinion or vision … in general, t will always be less than what we really are capable! We shine from within like a beacon ~~ this attracts those who are good for us!

    Nicely done!!


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