Hosting Beauty….2

Petals dangling

Threatening to join

the others below

already shed by time


to the cool, black granite

Their edges showing signs

of age

Their stay in the crystal

expiring soon

Once fragrant,

the precious blooms wither

The clock ticks

simple symbol

of nature

that brings such joy

Soon the vase will

lose its guests

For now, though, we wait

for every last petal

to fall…


Thank you so much!

I nominate Becca Givens

A dazzling night

so perfect to see

Pale colors that sing

to me!



28 thoughts on “Hosting Beauty….2

  1. Very Nice Poetry with an amazing Imagination
    Great Work of Creativity !!

    It was indeed enjoyable after reading this one !!

    Anyways, Take a look some of my Poetry Collections …

    some of my Haiku Collections

    and also, on my very recent Work as well

    !!! Happy Rally !!!
    Cheers !!


  2. There’s musical beauty to this. It evoked in my mind some fuzzy memory of a song called “Night of Silence” by Daniel Kantor, in which the songwriter was playing with another melody and set of words to go with and be able to be sung simultaneously with the classic “Silent Night.”

    Checking the lyrics, I see the thematic connection the loss of flowers as the year moves in its cycle toward the cold seasons of the year, yours being a bit earlier than the song’s, but the feel seems similar to me, as in the lyrics to the first verse of the song:

    “. Cold are the people, Winter of life, We tremble in shadows this cold endless night, Frozen in the snow lie roses sleeping, Flowers that will echo the sunrise, Fire of hope is our only warmth, Weary, its flame will be dying soon.”

    I was glad to see you had commented on my blog, and that it made me think to read you again. I recalled liking your poem “Finish Line” about the swimmer, and figured I could look forward to another good read from you, which this was. Thank you for it.


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