Finish Line

Finish Line


Fingertips penetrate the surface

breaking the magic spell

of the water’s

glassy plane


Her slender length

smoothly and fluently

glides into the refreshing

water like a porpoise.


Gracefully she disappears

only to resurface

showing the cheering crowd

her powerful moves.


Determination set about

her delicate jaw

as we watch her

in awe of her strength.


The length of the pool

her racetrack

the wall

her finish line


Her mind alert

as her body moves

to the victor

goes the ribbon.


The crowd erupts

she is far ahead

her hand reaches out

switching off the alarm.


Up and out of bed

She knows that

today is the day

to make her dreams come true.



















33 thoughts on “Finish Line

  1. This reminds me so much of my niece … an avid swimmer and competitor from a tike throughout college. When the water gets in their blood – nothing seems to deter them from the finish line. Very nicely knitted together. Thank you for sharing. Also, appreciate your visit.


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