Fear In Five Minutes

This prose came to me as a prompt from my Professor.  We had to be someone else and write from their pov.  I had recently read an article about spousal abuse and tried to capture what it must be like for them.  I shall never truly know.


Fear In Five Minutes

Florescent light invading the dark    Taste of blood   Cold tile beneath me


Through swollen eyes        Broken dishes    paralyzed    Air stale, can’t breathe

I hear you    Your gait unsteady  Glass crushed beneath your boots


Yes  I say and begin to clean it up

My mind screaming…run…as I see my blood spilled across the floor

I limp to the broom and use it to lean on

A voice booms as the handle is snatched from my hand


Then dark invades the florescent light

Consuming me






14 thoughts on “Fear In Five Minutes

  1. I think you have a good take on spousal abuse. Most of the time the victims are taught to assume responsibility for making the abuser mad. But you’re right on target with the victim hearing, feeling, etc. , using all the senses. Great job!


  2. This write was very powerful for me.. I think you captured it really well.. There is something about feeling the kitchen tile floor beneath your cheek and the horrible pain in your heart to think that someone you love just did what they did to you..It makes you very angry at the world..

    20 Years later.. I still remember every second of each time he hit me how it made me feel and how It shaped who I am… I ran and I took my daughter and I saved myself.. But he still haunts my mind..and my choices and my self confidence..


  3. Please join poetry potluck week 42 today,
    Feel free to submit random poems or poems unrelated to our theme.
    Happy Tuesday.
    appreciate your input.

    always enjoy your poetry..keep it coming.


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