Aunt Babe

Aunt Babe

Bodies pressed tightly

into every open space

the chapel is warm

despite the bitter chill


I see her…

the candles glow,

the flowers fragrant

She, in her lime Chiffon Dress

reminding us all of 1981

Lady Lexington

Blue Ribbons


the Michigan Horse Show

It is my turn to rise

to speak at the podium

I glance at her peacefully sleeping

 she calms me, helps my heavy heart

Ninety Three years of life

My hope that she knows what

she meant to me

How much I love and miss her

My eyes spill tears

I take a deep breath

find courage in my voice

and honor her life.


Thank you so much for this treasured award!

My Aunt would be so proud of me!

It is love’s song that keeps the heart beating!


*I would like to nominate Roughwater John  for next week!!



32 thoughts on “Aunt Babe

    • yeah these words touched me too… I had a feeling like that about a lady who died in my family, I really wished I had just told her that I thought she was lovely… it wouldn’t have been the ‘done thing’ but in retrospect, who cares what is the done thing?! xx :] xx


  1. This came at a good time and gave me pause for thought. Tomorrow my nephew brings mys sister’s ashes from Australia. We will scatter them on the family plot.
    I will read her a poem of farewell.

    Thanks for your poem.



  2. Such a moving and beautiful poem. Stunning tribute, I am certain that she feels your love, I believe we leave impressions on each other’s souls, even when memories fade, they remain a part of us


  3. This is a purely felt and exquisite tribute … one in which (I loved the photo) you share the essence of her spirit with all who read the poem. Your love is very evident.


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