Wasn’t so much as a want but a need

built up over time that

told me that feeling his rough chin

against my smooth skin would settle something

deep within me that even I didn’t know was there

until he touched it

ever so delicately with his words

of honesty

sliding up my inner thigh like a flask

filling with a golden liquid that

will burn;  serve a purpose,

a need

to fill a tiny gap in the

the world of something more.

It was not about betrayal or even lust

but of a need to feel something new,

forbidden to the outside world

and it’s harsh reality of what

should be

not what ought to be

real in the arena of relationships

The human need to connect

with another soul

in this time of short existence.

One Night at Dinner

Every single word she spoke felt like spit.

Slick with deceit that held shape but zero merit.

People, my people, clung to her words as if

she was sister to the messiah. To me she

was no different than the heave that arrives when

your stomach can hold no more bile. Her words

nothing more than the noise that is echoed into a

ceramic void while on dirty knees.

The why has me on the verge of frustration.

The kind a teenager feels when his social

life hinges on a yes or no. She says

no and the answer leaves him silent, standing still.

Yes requires action of which he knows not of what type.

One answer speaks volumes to deaf ears who want no

response at all, only a gesture that makes their reaction justified.

Want of an answer reveals one’s true reason behind

the frustration. A vexing scene unfolds in my brain

with my skewed thinking of her and unravels my perception.

Then I am struck with clarity as the waiter approaches

and sets a steaming bowl of pasta down in front of me.

No amount of shapeless spit is worth my mind’s exercise.

“Can you please pass the salt?”



No Longer

The feeling crept upon me

like a music box on its last few chords.

Hope pushed aside, fear

taking its place.

Nestled within my mind

was a scream

suppressed by words

not spoken,

truth not yet told.

Like a penny on the tracks

I lost my shape,

waiting for it.

Silence sliced

with the whisper of

She is no longer.




Everyone there

no one listening

to the breaking glass

inside her

 as she


off the face

of the


Words Never Spoken Cry


Anxiety stretches a painted sky

Emotions run from screams

Shadows dance upon the graves

Of ancestors left behind


Regret fills my soul

Words never spoken cry

Pages of a book not turned

Lessons too late learned


The stone grows cold

Against my back

Darkened like the sky

Of courage lacking


Selfish whims and vanity

Shadows asking questions

Forgiveness seals the broken soul

Despite the death that stretches


Wrapping itself around close

Bringing the morning light

Tears dry as I sit alone

Reminded of a place called Home

Back and it feels great

Been gone too long from poetry. Not sure why because it always makes me happy. After working on my book non-stop for nearly two years I perhaps was simply burned out.  Now that the book is published and has shown more success than I anticipated I feel ready to come back to poetry.

Glad to be back, what have I missed?


Photo Credit: Ann Schneider

This was taken in the city of Prague.

The Jewish cemetery, 300 years of graves. They only were given a small plot…

… so raising the stones and adding another layer!




Together in the Exodus

in  trains

in gas chambers

in closets

in attics

in diaries

in death

in faith

and in the single tear

that rolls down my


Thank you so much for this honor!
Love those around you for who they are and what they mean to you!
Life can be short, life can  be long
but either way a life of love makes it special!
Remember to
and Create!

Bob Dylan turns “73”

In honor of Bob Dylan turning “73” on May 24, 2014  Happy Birthday!


                        You always were Freewheelin’

                        Something we all knew

                        Even when Times were Changin’

                        We saw Another Side of you

                        You brought it All Back Home

                        When you Revisited 61

                        A Blonde wearing a pill box hat

                        Your Greatest Hits, you were the one

                        Just ask John Wesley Harding

                        When observing a Nashville Skyline

                        Have him paint your Portrait

                        With Alberta and some wine

                        It’s a brand New Morning

                        With the release of Volume 2

                        Pat Garrett & Billy the Kidd

                        Then Dylan, as if on cue

                        The Planet Waves and shouts

                        Warning us Before the Flood

                        But the tracks remain silent

                        And all we see is Blood

                        We head down to the Basement

                        Where the face of Desire is plain

                        Holding ourselves tightly

                        In anticipation for Hard Rain

                        Up on the Street Legal

                        There is no time to think

                        In Budokan the Slow Train Coming

                        Precious Angel do not blink

                        Do you believe that he was Saved

                        Given a Shot of Love?

                        The Infidels may question this

                        So look to the man above

                        It’s time to become Real Live

                        All Tangled Up in Blue

                        Don’t forget to see Empire Burlesque

                        Where he will Remember You

                        Biograph and all three discs

                        Deserve a stanza all their own

                        Johanna, Ramona…come on

                        Mind blown

                        Then he came upon us

                        With Knocked out Loaded

                        Then Dylan And The Dead

                        And the audience just exploded!

                        Effortlessly he moves

                        And heads Down In The Groove

                        Where the crowd yelled Oh Mercy

                        This man has nothing to prove

                        With the black and ivory beneath his fingers

                        He sings from Under the Red Sky

                        Then on to release the Bootleg series

                        It Takes a Train to Cry

                        Good As I Been To You

                        Sung upon a stage

                        Followed by his 30th Anniversary

                        By greats who never age

                        Just when you think he can do no better

                        And the World has Gone Wrong

                        Along comes Volume Three

                        Which has my favorite song

                        MTV Unplugged

                        Dylan sure is one of a kind

                        This he proves to be true

                         With Time Out of Mind

                        Love and Theft surprised us   

                        Live in ’66, ’75 and ‘64

                        And in between all that he tosses in

                        The Essential Bob Dylan and more

                        No Direction Home

                        Woodie Guthrie would have been proud

                        The Best of Bob Dylan

                        Slide it in and play it loud

                        Modern Times is the third one

                        Ballads and Rockabilly

                        On to DYLAN with 3 CD’s

                        With Maggie and Blind Willie

                        The Telltale Signs are there

                        As we move Together Through Life

                        This Dream of you, Jolene

                        And a story about his wife

                        The end is near or so I thought

                        Then Christmas In The Heart

                        Sure showed me all his talents

                        Cause then I found out about his art!

                        This man continues to amaze me

                        As his old songs are re-done

                        Even as he approaches seventy

                        This guy shows us why he’s number one

                        So Happy Birthday Bob!

                        Thanks for all the songs you’ve sung

                        Something inside me  says

                        You are far from being done

                                                                                              -Joanne Spencer

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Magic in the Making
Joanne C. Spencer
March 27, 2014

YouTube Magician Stuart Edge perfected the art of mixing magic and pranks which, in turn, earned him 1.7 Million followers.  At this year’s Playlist Live event, held at the Caribe Royal Hotel and Convention Center in Orlando, FL, a new and unknown group, selected via YouTube videos,  showed up and delivered a magic all their own. I expect they too, will reach an epic number of followers.

Taking charge of the Full Sail University stage and engaging an audience of attentive girls within moments of their appearance was the group, Far Young. This foursome had the girls screaming before Ohio born Eben spoke one word, and then, when he did… the crowd went nuts. This gave the boys the boost they needed to pull off their second live performance as a group.  That’s right.  It was only their second time together on stage.  No one would have guessed. The set of four cover songs, which included the hits Classic, Say Something, Hold On, and my daughter’s favorite, Show Me, were obviously chosen to highlight each member’s unique voice and they did not disappoint.  Before the end of the first song, the once small group had multiplied ten times over. As each note was belted out over the outdoor venue, the crowd grew larger. The atmosphere was electric and it was amazing to witness it all first hand. I still get goose bumps when I think about it.

The boys performed the selections like they had been together for far longer, thanks to their music producer Tim Coons and the choreographers at Rare Breed Society.

Many of you may recognize the name Tim Coons as the two-time Grammy nominated music producer of the Backstreet Boys.  On March 20 th, he waved his magic wand again and signed the boys to a contract, making it official.  From what I saw over the weekend, he is well on his way to creating more magic with Far Young. Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of talking with Tim about the boys and asked him a few questions:

Streamline Buzzer: I have to start out by asking the age old question, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Or in other words, were you looking to produce another boy band or did you happen to see one or more of the boys and say to yourself, “Hmmm, should I do it again?”

Tim: I was looking to produce another boy band but I wanted to take my time to find just the boys who, most importantly, were absolutely amazing singers first. I now have what I consider to be the youngest and strongest vocal group in music today. Absolutely amazing vocals. That is what I really enjoy and I feel the world will appreciate true singing talent.

Streamline Buzzer:   Seeing them perform, onstage and together for the first time at the Winter Park Art Festival and only days after signing them, what was your initial feeling?

Tim:   Total relief followed by absolute joy. To see a vision come true before your eyes is very satisfying.

Streamline Buzzer:  The boys are literally from four different parts of the world. Was this intentional or a mere coincidence?

Tim:  That is part of where the name comes from. The boys are from FAR away and they are veryYOUNG. I also like to say what Mike Fogle (father of Matt Fogle) says about the boys; that ‘they areyoung and want to go far.’ I did not want geography to hinder my search and this is why I searched farand wide.

Streamline Buzzer:  Lastly, I know the boys have a big event coming up April 4th in Cincinnati, Ohio at the New Revolution Music Tour, after that, what plans do you have for them? Perhaps plans to get them into the studio to record some original music?

Tim:  We will be in New Orleans with the New Revolution Music Tour on May 10th at the Joy Theater, followed by the Teen Hoot event in San Diego on June 18th.  We are planning to record original music and some original covers in the coming months.

This writer found Mr. Coons to be as humble as the four boys.  Upon meeting Far Young, I was first struck by the instant feeling of unity between the boys and the members of their team.  There was this unseen electricity that seemed to pulse seamlessly among them and I found it refreshing and genuine.





Eben, who I mentioned earlier, is originally from Ohio.  He is the oldest of the group, at 17, and I would describe him as emotionally energetic.  When he performed “Say Something” I was in awe of the honest sensitivity he conveyed. A raw passion not usually seen in someone of his young age and his stage presence can only be described as daringly dynamic. Some of you may remember him from American Idol as one of the youngest performers to ever make the first twenty-four.

Fourteen-year-old Christian may be from Alabama, but his heart was at Playlist Live.  His eyes are the first thing you notice but then he sings and bam, you hear his tone and it all comes together. He has this unique hip hop/soulful voice that literally changes right before your ears to accommodate the song he is singing so he owns it. Christian’s mom, Kay Wossilek, described how she felt the first time she saw the boys perform together, “The day before their first live performance, I had the opportunity to see them practice together for the first time and I was flooded with so many emotions but I was mostly just overwhelmed.  I knew in that moment that their dreams were going to come true.”

Jackson, the international flavor of the ensemble, comes to the group all the way from New Zealand.  I would describe his vocals as compelling and as smooth as his moves, which seem to come naturally to him. His shy smile has just a hint of humor behind it and I have a feeling he might be the prankster of the bunch. When it was his time to shine during the song “Hold On” he did just that and opened up his voice and his heart to the audience and held their attention until the moment the music ended.

Matt, the youngest of the group at 13 years old, has made a quite a name for himself in the YouTube world and is from Orlando, Florida. When he began belting out the lyrics to “Classic” I nearly got whiplash!  A voice like that is show stopping; seriously, it was unexpected but welcomed by this lover of all genres of music. His vocals were crisp and clean. Then, you have his smile, which just sealed the deal for me; this kid has got what it takes, as is the case with all four of them.

Equally and without hesitation I say with the utmost confidence: this group has got all the makings of super stardom.  You watch, you’ll see and you will agree that together, they are…magic in the making.

Be sure to check them out @ and also on facebook and twitter.

The next big thing. The next four, actually.

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